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Business Travel

When applicable, X Studios uses Team Accounts which are authorized by our Google Suite Single Sign-On (SSO) for all payments. This way you will not be required to enter any payment credentials since they are already supplied, however, our business is always changing –


Personal Expenses

There may be times where expenses are after hours, or accidently charged to your personal accounts. If this happens, and a reimbursement is required, please let our Accounting Team know as soon as possible. Head to and attach the reciept (required) to open a new request. Once approved, the reimbursement will be added to your next paycheck – you’ll receive an automated e-mail once complete.


X Studios will reimburse employees at the business standard mileage rate per current year IRS requirements, for miles traveled by the employee in the employee’s car while traveling to and returning from clients, meetings, or other company business that has been pre-approved.

You must complete a mileage report, through Divvy, indicating the miles actually traveled within 5 business days of returning to the office.

Travel & Expenses (T&E)

Booking Travel (TravelPerk)

X Studios partners with TravelPerk for all business travel planning, procurement, and approvals.


All business travel (including flights, AirBNB, Hotels, Car Rentals, etc.) MUST be booked through TravelPerk and booked using your Divvy card.

TravelPerk is a corporate business travel platform pioneering the future of business travel by providing an all-in-one platform giving travelers the freedom they want, while providing companies with the control required. TravelPerk has the world’s largest travel inventory including flights, hotels, AirBnb, rental cars and even trains, bookable directly through the platform.

TravelPerk is available by invite, to X Studios employees who travel for work. You will be invited to the system prior to traveling for business. Included with our partnership is 24/7 complimentary support available for the entire X Studios Team:

Upon booking travel, your trip will be sent to Senior Leaders for approval. You will recieve a push notification and/or confirmation e-mail upon completion.

Travel Expenses Management

X Studios is proud to partner with Divvy, as our business management provider. Employees who require charging privileges, or travel on behalf of X Studios will be supplied a company Divvy Visa card (physical or digital) and the Divvy mobile app.

Divvy is incredibly simple to use, and as non-intrusive as possible, while keeping this business classy…

Things to remember:

  • Divvy electronically manages all charges, and reconciliation – all paperless.
  • Reciepts are required for each charge made to your company card.
  • All transactions must be classified, as well as tagged to Clients/Project (when applicable).
  • It is expected that charge reconciliation is completed as soon as possible (within a day or two, at most) to ensure proper Accounting and billing.
  • When traveling, expense reports are now extinct. It’s always a good idea to keep your paper reciepts, but you are required to submit your completed expense report (through Divvy) upon return.
  • You are responsible for your Divvy card, and your card may not be shared with any other employee or contractor.
  • Your Divvy card comes with a pre-fixed budget allotment. If traveling abroad, please request (via the app/website) to have your limit increased by Accounting. This can be done instantly, when in a pinch.

You may access your X Studios™ Divvy account through

Heavy Duty Reminder

Never share your Divvy Business Card with a contractor or another employee. If you must share your card with a vendor who does not accept cards online, use a Virtual Card.


Travel booked through TravelPerk is automatically added to your Divvy card for reconciliation. You may use “Divvy Travel” (which is TravelPerk), interchangibly.

Unless otherwise permitted, coach class is required for all flights. Upgrades, on behalf of the company, require approval by a Leader.

Charges for in-flight Wi-Fi is considered a reimbursable business expenses.


Be sure to add your TSA Precheck, Passport, and Frequent Flyer Programs to your profile in TravelPerk. Frequent Flyer points earned on business trips are totally legit, and better for you!

Traveling with equipment, or business supplies is considered reimbursable business expenses.

Checking In

All accomodations should be booked through TravelPerk. When checking into your room, please use the Virtual Divvy Card attached to your Confirmation E-mail (Subject: “Important Details about your Stay”), you should not need to use your physical Divvy Card for lodging expenses.

Keep it Simple!

Divvy cards should only be used for refundable incidentals.


When traveling, ensure you keep your reciepts (they can be thrown in a ziploc bag or envelope. When charging transactions to your Divvy card, you will be sent a push notification to reconcile. Don’t stress, it doesn’t need to be completed immediately, but should be a priority.

If you have any issues during your trip, contact TravelPerk directly (see contact details above).

Back Home

When returned, please double-check that your entire expense report is ready for submittal. All reciepts must be included, transactions tied to respective projects or cost codes, and ready for final compensation.