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Phones and E-mail

Company Phones and Voicemail

X Studios owns and has access to the company electronic phone and voicemail systems at all times. They should only be used for business purposes in serving the interest of our clients and in the course of normal operations. The company reserves the right to access an employee’s voicemail system at any time.

Remember to always answer calls promptly and courteously. It is standard practice to identify both yourself and the company when answering your line. Telephone service is extremely important to the company’s daily business and operation.

We are proud to have a cutting edge phone system provided by Google Workspace. This means your phone is part of your company computer, or you may download the Google Voice mobile app to take your phone line ‘on the go’ with you, anywhere.


You are never required by the company (or any member of Management) to use your personal mobile device to make or receive company phone calls.

Desk Phone Management

If applicable, you will be issued an extension and ‘direct line’ number at X Studios. Being a cloud-based system, you can check your voicemail by using the Google Voice browser ( and/or by using the Google Voice mobile app.

Development Devices

X Studios is proud to have a plethora of past, present, and even future development devices. All are Asset Tagged, and should be treated responsibly. Please refer to our Asset Management Policy for details checking these devices in/out.

Professional Courtesy

Everyone at X Studios must observe the rules of business courtesy when answering phone calls and setting up your voicemail greeting. The manner in which a call is answered reflects the image of the company.

Electronic + Telecommunications

All electronic and communications systems and all communications and information transmitted by, received from, or stored in these systems are the property of X Studios and as such are to be used solely for job-related purposes. X Studios reserves the right to monitor these systems in order to ensure that they are being used for appropriate purposes. Employees do not have a personal right to privacy in any matter created, received or sent from the company’s systems, even in the use of personal e-mail accounts.

The use of any software and business equipment, including, but not limited to facsimiles, telecopieur, computers, and copy machines for private purposes is strictly prohibited.

Employees using this equipment for personal purposes do so at their own risk. Further, employees are not permitted to use a code, access a file, or retrieve any stored communication unless authorized to do so or unless they have received prior clearance from an authorized representative. All pass codes are the property of the company. No employee may use a passcode or voicemail access code that has not been issued to that employee or that is unknown to the company. Moreover, improper use of the E-mail system (e.g., spreading offensive jokes or remarks) will not be tolerated. Employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

The current policy and guidelines on the use of e-mail in conducting business is as follows:

  • All employees should be sensitive to the fact that e-mail can create a permanent written record. Therefore, no text should be included in an e-mail message that would not be included in any other written communication.
  • No information marked “not for distribution”, “confidential” or “internal use only” may be transmitted via e-mail.