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COVID-19 Procedures

To combat the COVID-19 pandemic and keep our team and workplace safe, we have instilled the following company-wide COVID-19 policies and procedures, with advisement from the current Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) input —

General Rules of Note

  • While in-office, attempt to wash your hands (or sanitize hands) frequently.
  • When possible, masks should be worn within close proximity to others.
  • Until further notice, Team Lunch will be eaten at your desks and not together in the Conference Room (outside Terrace is a great open-air alternative).

Cleaning Supplies are Available

Lysol and disinfectant is readily available in the Cleaning Closet across from the Men’s Restroom.

  • Disinfect rooms, surfaces, and desks frequently (including, but not limited to, keyboards, high-touch surfaces, etc.)
  • If you are sick (or showing flu-like symptoms), stay home and alert management that you will be working from home.
  • If sick, and unable to work, please use your allotted PTO/Sick time, and rest up.

Travel Notice

During Business Travel (plane or otherwise) the following preventative measures should be taken:

  • Upon return, please take up to three (3) days of quarantine measures before returning to the office.
  • If no flu-like symptoms show up, you’re good to return back to the office on the fourth day.

Quarantine Policy

If exposed to COVID, or suspicion of exposure, begin Quarantine Procedures:

  • Before returning to work, please get a COVID-19 PCR Test, this can be scheduled online.
  • Stay home, working from home for five (5) days – this includes weekends.
  • If no symptoms are present after the five (5) days, return to work with a mandatory mask on for an additional five (5) days.
  • While not requiring a copy of test results, it is recommended that each Team Member tests negative, and remains transparent with the company.