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Best Practices

Team Shared Drive

As part of the Google Business Suite we have multiple Google Shared Team Drives that the teams can use.

Project Repository

Specifically we use _Project Repository Drive to keep an current, active, and past archive of project files.

While building/actively working on projects, ensure that this drive has the latest “working” files so the team can pick up, and keep collaboration going. This is also the spot to archive any final files as an archive of the project.

No Access? No Problem

For Security all Shared Drives are locked down and invite-only. Reach out to the Production Team for access.

Mock Up, Dev Building & Testing

During any Mock-Up, Development, and Testing, the expectation is that all X Studios Project Team Members assigned to the project must be on-site, and testing in office. The Project’s Producer will be the point of contact for testing/collaboration environments.

  • If applicable, all projects must be propertly lested on legacy iOS and Android builds (see cut off on iOS/Android operating systems in our Wiki).
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) documentation must be completed, and signed off by the Production Manager.
  • When testing, real-world scenario devices (like for like/downgraded/etc) should be used.
  • The final step of testing, once UAT docs are completed should be handed off to the Co-Founders for final review and green light.


All builds must be tested prior to being added to the X Studios™ Enterprise Server or pushed live to any App Store(s). This includes a full User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Document being completed, and signed off by the Production Manager.

Downtime Report System (SWAT)

Should a downtime occur that is client-facing, a Downtime Communication Report can be completed by the internal X Studios™ Team Site. This document will clearly outline the way(s) the error occured, steps to find/resolve the issue, and ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future. This must be completed for every applicable downtime.

Please work with your Project’s Production Manager to help gather all relivant information. This report shall be sent to Clients during restoration efforts to clearly document our response time.