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Asset Management

The nerdy side of us is very excited to have a company-wide asset management system. This system allows the entire X Studios Team to:

  • Input all of our company-owned or client-owned assets upon delivery
  • Assign assets to each X Studios Team Member
  • Organize all assets by company, division, and status (i.e. Client, Development, Production, etc.)
  • Tag an item as checked out by a Team Member
  • Tag an item as broken, or under repair
  • …a whole lot more…


You’ll notice hot (neon) yellow X Studios Asset Tags on any tracked items. These printed labels are waterproof, dust-proof, and are not edible. Please do not remove the tags for any reason.

Tag Layout

Tags are bright yellow so they are easily identifiable, even from far away. On each tag, you will see:

  • A QR Code for the asset
  • The issuing company or Client (C:)
  • Unique identifier (T:)
  • Model or device name (M:)

New Assets

Placed an order (or received assets) that need to be tagged? No sweat! Please ensure that any company owned, or client owned assets are tagged immediately upon delivery. Speak to Management, or get ahead of the game by e-mailing before delivery to pre-print the asset tags. All tags must have a name, issuing company, barcode/or serial number, and vendor to be entered in the system.

Damaged or Removed Tags

If you notice that a tag is damaged or in need of replacement, please e-mail so the Production Team can re-print it.

Checking In or Out

Check Out Stations

There are two (2) mounted “Check Out Stations” within the X Studios campus.

  • One upstairs in the Maker Lab
  • One downstairs in the Fabrication Lab

X Studios QR Code

Each X Studios Team Member is given a designated ‘Asset Manager’ QR code card (physical or digital) – that fits conveniently in a wallet or purse – this card is your digital ‘fingerprint’ and identity when using the system.


Never scan another Team Member’s credential unless explicitly told to by the Team Member. All “Check Out Stations” are under video surveillance. Take this stuff seriously.

If lost, or damaged, contact or Management.

Step-by-Step Procedures

We designed the user interface in-house to keep things simple, speedy, and easy to understand. Here’s how they work:

  1. Grab whatever you need to check out/in.
  2. Head to the nearest “Check Out Station”.
  3. Scan your X Studios ID QR Code card.
  4. Once authenticated, scan the item you would like to check out (one at a time, please).
  5. The system will automatically log you out after 15 seconds of inactivity.

There are no buttons to press, or complications to do. If your scanned item is checked out it will be checked back in when scanned; and vice-versa.

Once an item is checked out to you, you’ll automatically receive a confirmation “receipt” in your X Studios e-mail.


Please remember to check in and out your items in a timely fashion. Never remove an item without checking it out.

Longterm (Project) Check Out’s

If you are the responsible individual on a project, and you know an asset is going to be long-term handed off to a project for use, or permanently deployed at a project (i.e. no longer in X Studios’ possession), please work with the Production Team ( to have the item unassigned from you, and assigned to the project permanently.

Rules of the Road

To keep things consistent, and transparent, we have developed these ‘Rules of the Road’ for all company-wide assets:

  • All items must be checked out before use. Defined as removing them from the “Check Out Station” room (i.e. leaving the Maker Lab or Fabrication Lab)
  • Make every effort to find and put items back where you got them from.
  • Keep items organized, and treat them well – they are company property.
  • Please check the company name on each asset tag.
  • Client assets should always be treated with the utmost care.
  • Report any broken tools or accidental damage so the item can be marked or repaired (
  • Items should be returned within one (1) working day; if your work is incomplete when you leave for the day, please return the tool, and check it out again the next day.
  • Items are audited once a month, so please ensure everything is checked in ASAP for the next user.
  • The Asset Manager system self-checks daily; please ensure your checked out assets are checked back in promptly otherwise the system will notify you to return the item itself.
  • Items are not to be taken home unless working from home.
  • If you are working on a project, with the team (or alone), and need assets for an extended amount of time, please check out the assets to the project, and not yourself.
  • All Fabrication Tools should remain downstairs in the Fabrication Lab.
  • All Maker Lab tools should remain upstairs in the Office Suite.
  • When possible, please keep smaller tools in the kit they belong to. If one tool from the kit is needed, check out the entire kit.
  • Small tools, where an asset tag would be impossible to affix, are not tracked in the system individually, instead the entire kit is tracked.

Damaged Assets

We understand the world of development is rough and tumble. If an item in your possession breaks, or becomes damaged – don’t panic. Simply report any broken tools or accidental damage so the item can be marked or repaired.

To report damage or asset assistance e-mail: