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Team Perks

Work should be fun, and at X Studios, it’s no exception. We strive for a killer Work-Life Balance, as well as making The Studio a fun, care-free, no “corporate BS”, environment where you can feel at-home, and truly ‘spread your wings’.

Here is an outline of some cool perks you can look forward to when working at X Studios™…

Hiring Referrals

Employees who successfully refer a friend/old co-worker to X Studios will receive a $750 Referral Bonus automatically added to their next paycheck.

Pro Tip

Have your referring Candidate add your name as the “Referred By” in their application through The Hub/BambooHR.

Team Lunch/Free Food

On select days of the month, chow down on us!

First Monday Team Lunch (Out)

On the first Monday of every month the company goes to lunch as a team. This is a chance to let loose, relax and socialize with the crew. Keep your eyes on #foodordering in Slack, and (together) we’ll decide the place, and head out! A calendar invite will be sent to block the time together.

Weekly Wednesday (In)

Every Wednesday, we enjoy Team Lunches at the Studio together. An order link will be posted to Slack (be sure to subscribe to the #foodordering channel) and you can place your order for the team.

Eat Well

If you have any preferences or dietary needs, feel free to speak up, or let Management know and we’ll make arrangements to accommodate everyone.

Let’s slow our roll, and start spending more time together – as a team. Consider yourself booked for this lunch, every week, we can schedule meetings around lunch, but this is time we get to spend unwinding… together. We’ll order lunch, and set-up camp in the Conference Room to relax, chat about our personal lives, the latest TV shows or games, and even watch YouTube videos. Think of Wednesday Lunch as the ‘oasis’ in the middle of your hectic work week.

Please do not request your food to-go, we will always make attempts (and compromises) to accommodate work deadlines and meetings.

Automatic Bonus Structure

We are proud to promote and maintain a healthy 40 hour a week schedule, uncommon in our industry. That said, some deadlines occasionally require additional work. We’re rolling an automatic bonus structure for those who may need to go “above and beyond”.

Here’s how it works:

  • Employees can choose between 1½ × pay OR 1½ × time off.
  • 1½ × pay is calculated on the equivalent of what you’d make hourly, based on your salary.
  • Bonus work on a deadline week does not have to be pre-approved.
  • Bonus kicks in after 43.0 hours worked in a week.

To submit your bonus structure request, please log into the X Studios HR System “The Hub” at

Ordering Materials

All X Studios employees are empowered to order their own Office Supplies and “shared” materials from our X Studios Business account.

Purchased over $100+ will need authorization, upon order submittal, and your X Studios Amazon Team Member account will be shared with you during onboarding.

Team Kitchen

The Studio’s kitchen is located adjacent to our Conference Room. It is fully stocked with all the goodies you could need, including:

  • Sugar-Free and Original Red Bull® in the fridge
  • Client Water
  • Team Bar
  • Tequila Shot + Shot Glasses
  • Coffee Bar (Assorted Coffee Flavors + Cream(s), Sugars, and mix-ins)
  • Assorted Tea Flavors
  • Hot Sauce Bar
  • Dog Bowl (for food + water)
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Filtered Water Cooler (Hot & Cold Taps)

The team is welcome to use the kitchen anytime, if stock is low in any item, or you have suggestions on new items to add, e-mail or add them to the Suggestion Box online anytime!

Bring Your Pet to Work

Assuming you have a good boy (or girl) at home, you’re welcome to bring them to work with you whenever you’d like. Remember to coordinate with other pet owners, and be mindful of allergies and temperments — for both the dogs and team.

Mark when you plan to bring your fido to work with you on the Team Google Calendar so we don’t suddenly have a zoo.


This goes without saying, but you’re responsible for any damage, accidents, and food for your pet while at the office. We’ll provide the bowl, and fresh (filtered) water for ya.