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Code of Conduct

We are committed to acting with the highest ethical standards and to protecting our reputation for integrity. Therefore our Code of Conduct provides standards of business conduct for all of its employees to live up to in order to achieve our ethical standards and commitment to integrity –

  • Use common sense.
  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and contracts governing our businesses.
  • Be honest, fair and trustworthy in all your business activities and relationships.
  • Treat one another fairly and foster a safe, diverse and environmentally responsible workplace.
  • Protect our assets and information and the assets and information entrusted to us by others.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, and the appearance of such conflicts, between work and personal affairs.
  • Compete responsibly in the marketplace.
  • Never disclosed business secrets, confidential information, trademarks, logos, words, symbols, iconography, or other protected assets that are used to identify and distinguish the company’s services, projects, or deliverables.
  • Never discuss financial information with clients outside of business use.
  • Never discuss identifiable information regarding other client work, projects, or use-cases.
  • Be nice. No sleeping or loitering during regular business hours.
  • Ask questions, seek guidance and raise concerns.

Through Management at all levels, create and sustain a culture where ethical conduct is recognized, valued and practiced by all employees.