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We hold our team accountable for the same feature that we promote to our Clients: transparency.

We expect you to always be humble, honest, and transparent with your work, thoughts, and feelings. We hire the most talented people, who are committed to our core values, and base all employment relationships on integrity and honesty —

Open Door Policy

When you visit our offices, you’ll notice any of our office doors are made of glass. That’s for a reason – Keeping consistent with our transparency policy, a primary goal at X Studios is to build trust amongst our team by developing a culture that encourages YOU to communicate your opinions, thoughts, challenges, suggestions, and constructive comments.

Leadership’s doors are open at all times, and you may speak with any member of Management with whom you are most comfortable – anytime. anywhere. no limits. no restrictions.

We will do our best to make sure that Management is available for your concerns and are addressed/needs satisfied. This policy reflects our commitment to respecting each individual, in the true spirit of our culture.

Online Suggestion Box

Got an idea or constructive feedback you’d like to submit to Leadership? We’ve got you covered. Drop your ideas in our online “Suggestion Box” 24/7, and remain anonymous – if you’re feeling fancy. Head to The Hub to get the link.

Client Relationships

A major key to our success (and keeping the lights on) is our relationship with our Clients. We pride delivering the best work, every time, from start to finish on every project. Our Client’s impression of X Studios is the best ‘business referral’ there is, and we pride ourselves in taking our partnerships seriously.

The WE Rule

Always remember, when handling client relations you are representing the X Studios brand. However, do not use the word “I”, use the word “we”.

Yes, even if you are the only person who is working or has worked on a given aspect of a project.

Therefore, we have some general reminders for handling Client relationships:

  1. Always treat visitors (including Studio Tours) and Clients in a positive, professional, and friendly manner.
  2. Never raise your voice to a Client, be disrespectful, abrasive, or uncooperative.
  3. Don’t engage in arguments. If there is a disagreement, discuss it with a sense of calm, dignity, and respect. Remember to listen to their concerns, and if need be, pull in Management.
  4. Never lie or embellish on what services X Studios provides, our experience, or past projects.
  5. Never engage in any conversation that may be misconstrued, or misinterpreted, as unprofessional, or generally uncomfortable. Do not engage in any conversation that is in any way, shape, or form provocative or suggestive.
  6. When chatting with Clients, you may not demean or degrade competitors.