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Attendance & Punctuality

We pride ourselves in trusting our employees to oversee their workloads on their own. We don’t micro-manage, and curate a fun and exciting environment to work in.


As a dedicated service-based company, our clients and projects control our work schedules, not the clock. While we are expected to be available during the core hours of the business day (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.), there may be times when a client’s needs require you to be available earlier or later than usual.

We expect that you are available and accessible during such times.

Semi-Flex Start Time

Flex-time is an arrangement that includes a daily schedule with individualized starting and ending times. The varying daily schedule consists of a minimum 8-hour work day, plus advised lunch break.

  • Start Time: Staff is expected to be available between the hours of 8:30am - 10:15am EST Monday through Friday. All employees are required to work 8 hour days, not including lunch or breaks.

  • Lunch Break: A lunch break ranging from 30 - 90 minutes is recommended to be taken daily. It is expected of everyone to respect the time range allowed for lunches.

    The lunch break time taken should be added to the 8 hours work-day minimum. It is tolerated to have lunch “while working” to shorten your work day.

  • Company Outings & Lunch: Company activities, lunches, and/or client-based social gatherings count as part of your 40 hour work week.

Example: You arrive at 9am, then take a 90-minute lunch break, your work day would end at 6:30pm, completing your 8-hour work day.


Excessive or frequent abuse of time allowed for lunch in the form of extended lunch breaks is not tolerated and could result in suspension or termination.

Working from Home

We are pleased to offer the freedom of a program where employees are free to work from home. Anyone that prefers or needs to work from the office, of course, can still do so.


  • You can take your workstation home, remote into your work machine, or use your personal machine to complete your work.
  • Standard work hours are still required and we expect the same level of responsiveness as if you were physically in the office. You must be able to respond within fifteen (15) minutes or less during our core hours of operation.
  • Communication should be in overdrive, when working from home, overcommunicate, give confirmation of messages received, and keep constantly up with the latest via Slack.
  • Slack,, e-mails, conference calls and Repo commits are still expected, just like any other work day.


  • VIP visits or Studio Tours of our facility, where the visit cannot be rearranged will cancel WFH Monday’s.
  • Physical builds that require your presence that day at the office.
  • Any Project User Acceptance Testing (UAT) the Project Team must be in-office, taking notes, and adjusting live (in-person).
  • If a company-wide schedule change was required, work-from-home day will be switched to another day that week. Keep an eye out on Slack for major announcements.

Please understand that this is a privilege. If you breach this protocol, we may, at our sole discretion, rescind this privilege, and you may be subject to discipline up to and including termination.

Work from Home Responsibly

It is still the expectation of the X Studios Team to be available, and online, and communicating between our operating hours defined above.