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Compensation & Getting Paid

X Studios pays all full-time employees on a bi-weekly basis (i.e. every two weeks) on Friday. Paychecks are deposited via direct deposit into your bank account to keep things simple.

To update your direct deposit banking information, please log into The Hub at:

If an error has occurred with respect to pay rate, hours worked, or incorrect allocation of time, the employee is responsible for notifying Accounting regarding any error immediately by e-mailing

Every effort is made to avoid errors in an employee’s paycheck including improper deductions. If an employee believes an error has been made in a paycheck or an improper deduction has been made from the paycheck, employees should report it to Accounting immediately in writing; you can e-mail

Overtime & Reimbursements

If the need for overtime for Non-Exempt Hourly employees arises (hours worked in excess of 43+ hours a work week), it will be on a volunteer-basis first.


Due to the nature of the Company’s business, if mandatory Overtime is required, there is much flexibility with working hours that can be arranged with Management. Overtime will be paid at a rate of 1.5 times the regular rate OR the ability to charge back overtime as additional Paid Time Off (PTO). This begins at hour 43 of a typical work week

  • Overtime Pay Out: Choose to be paid at a rate of 1.5 (time and a half) times the Team’s regular rate. This amount is added to the next paycheck.

  • PTO Accrual: Choose to have your overtime credited back as Personal Time Off. Each Overtime hour is credited as +1.0 hour of PTO.

To request reimbursement or Overtime payout visit The Hub at:

Performance Reviews

To ensure that you perform your job to the best of your abilities, it is important that you be recognized for good performance and that you receive appropriate suggestions for improvement when necessary. Consistent with this goal, your performance will be evaluated by your Management on an ongoing basis. You may also receive periodic written evaluations of your performance.

All written performance reviews will be based on your overall performance in relation to your job responsibilities and will also take into account your conduct, demeanor, and record of attendance and tardiness. Written evaluations are stored in The Hub.

In addition to the regular performance evaluations described above, special written performance evaluations may be conducted by your Management at any time to advise you of the existence of performance or disciplinary concerns.

Travel & Expenses

Business Travel

X Studios is proud to partner with TravelPerk for all business travel and expense management. TravelPerk is a corporate business travel platform pioneering the future of business travel by providing an all-in-one platform, giving business travelers the freedom they want, while providing companies with the control required.

TravelPerk has the world’s largest travel inventory including flights, hotels, AirBNB’s, rental cars and even trains, bookable directly through the platform.

All X Studios Team Members are required to book travel through TravelPerk. TravelPerk integrates directly with The Hub and will allow the X Studios Team to book any travel, through our business travel partners, and automatically send for approvals and reimbursable systems. TravelPerk also alerts travelers before, and during their trip, of applicable traveler alerts (like weather, virus, etc.) and allows for one-stop Concerge service during travel.

TravelPerks Contact Info:

TravelPerk offers 24/7 Customer Support Customer support via call, email or chat, at no additional cost.

For any critical changes to your trip or in case of an emergency, you should contact TravelPerk by phone.

Personal Charge Reimbursement

We totally get it, sometimes a weird charge hits your personal card. Should you get a foreign call from a Client, or need to be reimbursed for a business-related charge, you may upload your Reimbursement (including receipts) within The Hub:

Mileage Reimbursement

X Studios will reimburse employees at the business standard mileage rate per current year IRS requirements, for miles traveled by the employee in the employee’s car while traveling to and returning from clients, meetings, or other company business that has been pre-approved.

You can submit mileage reimbursements through The Hub:

Company Credit Cards

If deemed necessary, you may be given an X Studios Divvy™ Credit Card as part of your day to day business expenses. This card works in conjunction with the Divvy mobile application (available for iOS and Android).

Purchasing & Procurement

When applicable, X Studios uses Team Accounts authorize by our Single Sign-On (SSO) for all payment processes.