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Time Off

We believe that work + life balance is critical to keeping you fresh, sharp, and healthy. Therefore, we encourage employees to utilize their provided Paid Time Off (PTO) time. X Studios is proud to offer PTO (includes both Vacation and Sick time) as part of our benefits package.

After a 90 day probationary period at the start of your employment with X Studios you will receive 3 weeks (8 hour days x 5 days a week = 120 hours) of paid time off that can be used as sick and/or vacation days. Your PTO will ‘renew’ upon your yearly anniversary (start of employment), and hours from the previous year do not rollover, so use them or lose them.

To request time off (sick or vacation) log into the X Studios HR application (“The Hub”) at or download the Bamboo HR app from the iOS/Android App Store. You can use BambooHR to calculate your time off automatically, and submit your requests to Management through The Hub.


We are proud to provide Paid Holiday Time for all employees, so they can spend time with friends and family. The following dates are recognized holidays that the X Studios observes, where the office will be ‘closed’ and employees will be paid:

  • New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31)
  • New Year’s Day (Jan. 1)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Labor Day (First Monday in Sept.)
  • Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in Nov.)
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve (Dec. 24)
  • Christmas Day (Dec. 25)

If a recognized holiday falls on a Saturday, the Company may close on Friday for the observance of the holiday; likewise, if the holiday falls on a Sunday, it may be observed on the following Monday.

Based on business needs, some employees may be asked to work on one of the recognized holidays. If this happens, we will make every effort to notify you in advance. If you are asked to work on a holiday, you are permitted to take another day off within 30 days of that holiday, upon approval of Management.

Jury Duty Policy

The Company encourages its employees to engage in their civic duties through jury service. In the event that you are called to serve on a jury and it requires more than one day of jury service, the Company will require that you utilize vacation time, subject to the scheduling provisions above.

Bereavement Leave

In the unfortunate event of death in your immediate family, please notify a member of Management. Should you need any time for bereavement leave, you will use your vacation time, subject to the scheduling provisions above.

Personal Leave of Absence

A full-time regular employee, who has completed at least one (1) year of service, may request a personal leave of absence without pay. Any personal leave of absence should be requested through a member of Leadership, and each occurrence, as well as duration of the leave, will be handled on a case- by-case basis. Generally, approvals are based on your needs, length of service, and Company demands. If the need for leave is foreseeable, please give us at least two (2) weeks’ notice. You may be required to provide supporting documentation before you are approved for a personal leave of absence. Upon your return to work, you may be required to submit verification of your eligibility to return to work from your medical provider, along with any job-related limitations you may have.

In the event that you are approved for a personal leave of absence, you will be required to use any accrued but unused vacation and sick time. You will also not be eligible for holiday pay.

Any employee who takes a leave of absence will be responsible for the employee-share premium payments of any insurance plans of which they are enrolled. The premium payment must be made for the full month of the absence, and must be paid no later than the first paycheck date of the month. If an employee does not receive wages during the leave of absence period, the employee will be required to make the premium payment directly to the Company. Failure to make a premium payment in a timely manner will result in a lapse in coverage. If an employee is on disability during the leave of absence period, the company may be required to report earned wages to the insurance company for compliance purposes.

X Studios reserves the right to deny any personal leave of absence request, except where the leave is protected by federal or state law.