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Development Days

With the ever-changing landscape of Creative Design, Project Management, and Technology, X Studios continues to value the learnings of our team, and has created an at-will Development Program called #DevDays.

Program Overview

Full-Time employees will have the opportunity to “cash in” up to eight (8) hours, per month, to take approved course work to learn more, develop, and engage in new skillsets, and certifications.


X Studios partners with Coursera for Teams which has a library of over 5,000 courses available to us. X Studios has a Corporate Account through Coursera that you can request to be added to.

Requesting #DevDay Hours

  • Before cashing in your eight (8) hours per month, you must submit the course name for approval to your Leader.
  • Once approved, request your #DevDay through the Time Off System in The Hub (once enrolled, you’ll see a new Time Off type as #DevDays)
  • Then enroll, and track your progress/time within Coursera to be granted the #DevDay for that content.


Quick reminder, all course work is tracked automatically in Coursera, including progress, so please ensure you’re signing up for appropriate course, timelines, and above to complete the course within allotted time.

You’re welcome to grow and explore the Coursera coursework on your own time as well, which does not require Leadership approval. Just let us know when you complete the course for internal credit (and mad props).